Case Studies

Conventional Endodontic Treatment:

 Pre- Opconventional retreatment pre
 Post-Opconventional retreatment post
Pre-Opcr pre 2

 Interimcr interim 2

 Post-Opcr post 2
 Tooth 19 With Pathologytooth 19 w pathology
 Completion in 1 visitcompletion in one visit 19
 1 year Recall1 year recall 19


Retreatment Pre- Op # 1

RT pre

 Retreatment Pre-Op #2

RT pre2

 Disassembly CaOH2

dissassembly with caho2 RT

 Completion with MTA

completion with mta rt

 1  Year Recall after Healing

1 year recall RT

Pre-Opretre pre 2
 Post-Opretre post 2
 Tooth 19 with Silver Points and Pathologysilver points  w pathology 3
Silver Points Replaced with CaOH2silver points replaced

All Silver Points Removed

silver points removed

 Retreatment Completed

retreatment complete 3

 2 year Recall shows Healing

2 year recall

 Clinical view pre-treatment

clinical view before retreatment


 Pre-Opapioectimy pre
Pre-Op #2apieoectmy pre 2


6 Month after Healing apioectemy post