Patient Testimonials

• “Dr. Dr. Short was wonderful and caring. He explained everything in detail about a root canal        and brought a sense of comfort in very uncomfortable circumstances. I tell all my co-workers       about him.” – Randolph H.

• “Dr. Dr. Short leaves no stone unturned. He examines all options and communicates those    options to his patients to enable them to make informed decisions. I never felt pressure to                   make a decision.” – Patrick J.

• “It was very nice to receive a phone call from Dr. Short personally the day after my procedure. He was very concerned about how I was feeling and gave me another opportunity to ask any      questions. This gave me another sense of assurance.” – Angela P.

• “I heard horror stories about root canals. Dr. Short was able to make the procedure so     comfortable that I fell asleep while he was performing treatment! Afterwards, over the counter          pain medication was used only for one day!” – Sherry A.

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