Patient Services

At Apex Endodontics your comfort is our primary concern. Dr. Short is trained and equipped with the latest technology and techniques in local anesthetic administration to reduce discomfort during and after treatment.

Here are some features we offer in our office to enhance your root canal experience:

° All root canals are performed with a surgical microscope.

° Digital x-rays are used as an adjunct for optimal results and explaining your case.

° Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available for apprehensive patients.

° Wireless headphones available for noise cancellation.

° Flat screen television on the ceiling for your entertainment during procedures.

° Internet accessibility (Wi-Fi) is available in the office.

° Neck pillows and warm blankets to enhance comfort.

° Assortment of water, juice, and snacks available.

° A warm towel and pain medications are offered complimentary to help ease any discomfort post treatment.

Dr. Short is dedicated to treating the patient not just the tooth. He will personally call each patient to follow up and answer any questions concerning the treatment performed.

At Apex Endodontics our goal is to assist in maintaining your natural teeth for a lifetime. We will strive to make your experience at our office exceed your expectations!