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I’m Dr. Rico D. Short, author of Getting to the Root of your Problem: 365 Days of Inspirational Thinking. Thank you for your interest in this God inspired book!

About the Author

Dr. Rico Short is known as Endodontist or Root Canal Specialist to the Stars! He has treated numerous celebrities from actors, producers, writers, comedians, television anchors, sport athletes, and music artists. Dr. Short has also been featured in several publications, radio and television shows, internet blogs, and journals. He has attained countless awards and recognition in the area of dentistry and motivational speaking. In addition, Dr. Short serves as an expert Board Certified Root Canal Consultant to the Georgia Board of Dentistry. He is also an associate clinical professor at the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. His practice (Apex Endodontics P.C) is located in Smyrna, Georgia which is in the suburb of Atlanta (www.apexendodontics.net).

Dr. Short has been a featured speaker to youth groups all over the country. His main focus is to encourage the youth to set goals and give them realistic advise on how to achieve them. Dr. Short’s daily inspiration and motivation can be followed on facebook and twitter.

Dr. Rico Short was born in Columbus Georgia on June 29, 1974. He was reared from a single family household by a mother who worked 33 years on the floor in a textile mill. Growing up as a child, Dr. Short said he did not have a lot of “things” but he had a lot of love, prayer, and support from his family. Dr. Short said his mother had to “drag” him to church because he really did not see the importance as a teenager. However, now as an adult, his Christian foundation has become the bedrock for all of his success.

Dr. Short is married to Angela Short who is a dental hygienist by profession. They have two children: Jayla and Ava. Dr. Short attributes his accomplishments to an understanding and loving wife and kids but most of all to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

About my latest book, Getting to the Root of your Problem: 365 Days of Inspirational Thinking

I am an Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist) by profession. Don’t worry, this book has nothing to do with root canals but it does have information on PAIN– how to avoid some pains in life and how pain can influence our lives, good and bad!I believe motivational and inspirational words are keys for having a successful life. The book is a literary master piece combining biblical wisdom, wit, and real life experiences to bring comfort, prosperity, and direction to the hungry soul. For years I have always wanted to write a book on changing lives from a personal aspect based on my relationship with God. This Is It! I hope this book inspires, gives hope, and ignites dreams to come to reality daily in the hearts and minds of all people. Life is full of change and challenges we all must face. However, the determining factor is how we allow it to affect our lives. Let’s get to the ROOT of Your Problem!

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